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Intramedullary Nail

◆ Processing with 4-axis CNC machine

◆ Made of titanium alloy

◆ Sandblasting & grinding surface treatment process

◆ Finished surface roughness Ra (μm) 0.2

◆ Diameter tolerance (mm)±0.1

◆ Length tolerance (mm)±1

Intramedullary nail is a medical device used in orthopedic surgery to treat fractures of long bones, such as the femur or tibia, greatly improving the outcomes for patients with long bone fractures.. to ensure postoperative stability and reliability, intramedullary nail needs to have good biocompatibility and extremely high strength.

HME Machining utilizes 4-axis CNC machining to meet its complex geometry and high precision requirements. Titanium alloy has good biocompatibility and a small density, which is suitable for the application scenarios required by the case. Sandblasting and grinding processes enhance the mechanical properties and biocompatibility of the surface. The final product boasts a surface finish of 0.2 microns, the diameter tolerance of ±0.1 millimeter and the length tolerance is ±1 millimeter.