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◆ CNC machining is commonly used in the production of various types of fasteners, such as screws, nuts, bolts and studs.

◆ These fasteners are typically made of metal materials, such as steel, stainless steel, or copper.

Bolt is a threaded fastener typically made of steel. It consists of a head and a threaded shank, which can be paired with a nut to connect and secure components.

Through CNC machining, bolts can be precisely cut to create the threaded portion, head, and shank. The dimensions, thread type, head shape, and surface treatment of the bolt can be customized according to specific design requirements and application scenarios.

Bolts find wide applications in various industries, including mechanical manufacturing, construction, automotive, aerospace, and more. Different types and specifications of bolts are used for different applications. For instance, high-strength bolts are used in structures that require high load-bearing capacity, while stainless steel bolts are suitable for environments that demand corrosion resistance.

In summary, CNC machining enables the high-precision manufacturing of fasteners like bolts to meet the fastening needs of diverse industries and applications.