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◆ High-quality flame-retardant engineering plastic is commonly used as the material for the socket

◆ Heat-resistant polyamide or polystyrene (PS) etc.

CNC machining can be performed using CNC milling machines and CNC lathes. Firstly, based on the design drawings and specifications, CNC milling machines are used to accurately mill, drill, and slot the shape of the socket, ensuring precise dimensions and shape control. Then, CNC lathes are used for internal hole turning and threading, ensuring a tight and reliable connection between the socket and electrical devices.

Spraying process can be used to apply a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating to the socket, improving its appearance quality and service life. Additionally, a plating process can be used to form a metal protective layer on the surface of the socket, enhancing conductivity and corrosion resistance. For certain sockets, silk-screen printing can be used to print labels, symbols, or brand information on the housing.

The actual material selection, equipment and process, and surface treatment process may vary depending on the specific product requirements and manufacturer preferences.