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Wood Carving

◆ Processing with 3-axis CNC machine

◆ Made of pine wood

◆ Spray painting, polishing & coating surface treatment process

◆ Finished surface roughness Ra (μm) 1.4

◆ Length tolerance (mm)±1

◆ Width tolerance (mm)±1

◆ Thickness tolerance (mm)±0.5

Wood carving is a traditional handicraft used to create furniture, decorations, art pieces, and more. CNC machining can save a lot of time on repetitive work, and the finished product can be further carved by craftsmen.

HME Machining utilizes 3-axis CNC machining to complete simple wood carving and selects cheaper pine wood to save costs. In terms of surface treatment process, no step of spray painting, polishing, or coating is omitted, which not only protects the wood but also enhances the gloss and color saturation of the finished product. The final product boasts a surface finish of 1.4 microns, the length tolerance of ±1 millimeter, the width tolerance of ±1 millimeter and the thickness tolerance of ±0.5 millimeter.