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Architectural Model

◆ Processing with 3-axis CNC machine

◆ Made of gypsum & polystyrene

◆ Spray painting & laser engraving surface treatment process

◆ Finished surface roughness Ra (μm) 10

◆ Dimensional tolerance (mm)±2

Architectural model is a 3D model used to showcase architectural designs, which can more intuitively display the exterior, interior structure and functional layout of the building. In the production process, various material and surface treatment combinations to choose from, and the precision requirements vary according to different scaling ratios, aiming to make the model more realistic.

HME Machining utilizes 3-axis CNC machining to complete the model's outline and adopts gypsum as the main material to ensure long-term maintenance & reprocessing, and then uses polystyrene to make the details. Laser engraving is used to perfect complex structural parts and spray painting is used to restore the building's original colors as much as possible. The final product boasts a surface finish of 10 microns and the surface tolerance of ±2 millimeters.