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Transmission Case

◆ Processing with 3-axis CNC machine

◆ Made of aluminum alloy

◆ Plating & anodizing surface treatment process

◆ Finished surface roughness Ra (μm) 2.0

◆ Length tolerance (mm)±0.1

◆ Roundness tolerance (μm)±80

◆ Right angle tolerance (mm)±0.2

◆ Flatness tolerance (μm)±80

Transmission case is the housing of the auto transmission system, which is used to protect the components inside from external environment while ensuring the normal operation of the lubrication and cooling systems. If something goes wrong with the transmission case, it will directly affect the performance and safety of the entire vehicle.

HME Machining utilizes 3-axis CNC machining to meet manufacturing requirements and reduce costs, and aluminum alloys are used to balance weight, strength and cost. The combination of plating and anodizing surface treatment process is used to form a layer of aluminum oxide coating on the surface to improve abrasion and corrosion resistance. The final product boasts a surface finish of 2 microns, the length tolerance of ±0.1 millimeter, the roundness tolerance of ±80 microns, the right angle tolerance of ±0.2 millimeter and the flatness tolerance of ±80 microns.